Our Class Ratios
  • We have some of the lowest class ratios in the area without charging private or semi- private lesson prices!
  • Semi private classes for ALL students in the Learn To Swim level.
  • Low ratios for stroke classes which promotes individual, hands on instruction.
  • We will not overcrowd classes for any reason!
Our Teachers
  • Being a Lifeguard does NOT qualify you to teach swimming.
  • Swim Tank instructors are hired for their love of children, for their high energy and enthusiasm, and for their positive attitude.
  • Our instructors complete 4 to 6 weeks of in the water training with our Swim Tank managers..
  • Every instructor participates in continuing education on a daily basis to ensure program consistency.
  • ALL Swim Tank instructors follow the same method of teaching and are held to the same high standards 
Our Managers
  • Swim Tank Managers are chosen for their exceptional teaching ability, their knowledge of our methods and philosophy, and their ability to properly maintain our classes to the standard of excellence that we have set.
  • ‚ÄčA Swim Tank manager is on deck monitoring classes and keeping track of student progress at all times. 
  • Managers communicate with other managers and teachers on a daily basis to discuss the students’ progress.
  • Managers train every new instructor.  They work closely with them in the water until they are confident Swim Tank instructors.
  • They also attend in house workshops where we develop new techniques and discuss new ideas
Our Lesson Quality
  • Swim Tank strives to give the best experience to all of our families.
  •  Our lessons are closely monitored to ensure that our instructors are meeting the high standards that we have set as a company.
  • Each child is assessed daily, by their instructors, and challenged to his or her specific level. 
  • Fiona and Aileen are personally involved in all training, lesson planning, and instruction quality.
Our Achievement Levels
  • Swim Tank curriculum follows a progression of skills that is laid out by our “achievement levels”.  These levels take a child all the way from learning to go under the water, to mastering all 4 competitive strokes.
  • Swim Tank classes are broken down by level and designed to work on what is needed to master the next set of skills.
  • The skills in each achievement level act as building blocks to the next set of skills.
  • Awarding these badges acknowledges the student’s hard work and tracks their progress throughout the program.