History of Swim Tank


Aqua Tots was founded over 40 years ago by Patti Marano.  Patti developed her own method of teaching that reinforces the fundamentals of swimming, such as breath control, head position, and streamline body position.   Patti believed strongly that small class ratios, consistent teaching methods, and repetition make children successful when learning how to swim. She also valued the importance of intense staff training, and monitoring classes for quality and student progress.  

In 1996 Aileen Crampton Bucciero began working at Aqua Tots, and for the next 5 years Patti mentored her.  During those years Patti passed along her vast knowledge on how to teach swimming to infants, toddlers, and young children. 

In 2001 Aileen bought the business from Patti and partnered with her sister Fiona Crampton Kearney.  As Aqua Tots' owners, Aileen and Fiona continue to uphold the beliefs that any child can learn to swim, and that learning to swim can be accomplished more efficiently in small, individualized groups.

In 2004 Aqua Tots moved from the Durland Boy Scout Center in Rye, to Manhattanville College in Purchase. The number of students grew each year as the reputation of the lessons spread without any formal advertising.  This rapid growth and the increasing demand for high quality swimming lessons made it clear that Aqua Tots needed its own facility.

In February of 2013 the doors at 45 West Red Oak Lane opened, and within 1 year enrollment in the program doubled! Realizing that the demand for swimming lessons was expanding far beyond the “tots” that the program was originally geared towards, Aqua Tots changed its’ name to Swim Tank, home of Aqua Tots.  The “Aqua Tots” lessons and the standard for excellence has remained the same throughout the growth of the business.

Currently, Swim Tank specializes in a wide variety of levels including Infant/Toddler, Learn to Swim, Stroke Development, Stroke Refinement and Pre-Team. We have over 1500 students who attend classes at West Red Oak Lane.  Through the years we have proven that our method works and all of our students learn the vital, life saving skill of swimming.