Fiona Crampton Kearney & Aileen Crampton Bucciero

Fiona & Aileen grew up in Yonkers, NY in a big Irish family of 4 girls & 2 boys.  They both learned, at a young age, the value of hard work and personal responsibility.  Both Aileen & Fiona went to The Ursuline School in New Rochelle where they spent their high school years studying hard, playing sports, babysitting and being involved in their community.

Aileen first got involved with the Aqua Tots program while she was studying communications and business at the College of New Rochelle in 1992.  At the time, Aqua Tots was being run out of the College of New Rochelle pool.  Aileen was introduced to the previous owner, Patti Marano, when she took a lifeguarding course as one of her college gym requirements.  Patti convinced Aileen to also take a water safety instructor class and it was then that Aileen’s passion for teaching swimming began. 

Aileen spent the next 4 summers running the swim program at a local day camp and then in 1996 she decided to try working for Patti, at Aqua Tots, which had now relocated to Rye.  It didn’t take long for Aileen to realize that this was what she was meant to do.  Patti also saw something special in Aileen and agreed to train her and then sell her the business upon her retirement.  In 2001 Aileen purchased the business from Patti and then partnered with her sister Fiona.

Fiona’s aquatic career also began during her college years as a lifeguard and a water safety instructor.  During her summer’s home from college she worked side by side with Aileen at a local day camp.  She also had the opportunity to work for and be trained, by Patti, during all of her winter breaks.  She trained and worked every chance that she got during those college years and her love for teaching was ignited.  After graduating from Binghamton University in 2001, with a degree in History, Fiona decided to follow her passion for teaching and partnered with Aileen at Aqua Tots. 

Together they worked tirelessly to grow the business while still maintaining the highest quality swim lessons.  In 2013 they moved into their own facility and changed the name of the business to Swim Tank since they were no longer just serving “tots”.   Today Swim Tank is one of the largest swim schools around and services over 1,000 different families locally. 

Fiona & Aileen both still maintain their passion for teaching swimming and they are personally involved in the training of every staff member.  They are dedicated to the company and committed to maintaining its’ high standards.   They both currently live in Pleasantville with their families and are working towards expanding the business into multiple locations.  Their goal is to bring the joy of swimming into the lives of as many families as possible. 

  • Peggy  - Front Desk Care Coordinatator

  • Michelle - Front Desk Care Coordinatator & Customer Service Assistant

  • Jaimie - Front Desk Care Coordinatator & Customer Service Assistant

  • Olivia - Administrative Director






  • Kristie (Senior Instructor)

  • Cait (Senior Instructor)

  • Anya (Senior Instructor)

  • Beth (Senior Instrucor)

  • Julian

  • Helen

  • Amanda

  • Meriah

  • Cassandra

  • Keith
  • Thomas

  • Nicole 

  • Tara