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5 things you need to know about Swim Tank BEFORE you register

1. We are dedicated to teaching every child the necessary life saving skill of swimming!  

2. We use submerging techniques to teach children how to go under the water.

3. We take every child in the pool even if they are reluctant or scared.
    Children are afraid of what they don't know, and it is very important for us to get them in the water so we can begin the process of bonding and trust-building.

4. Swim Tank employs both male and female instructors and your child's instructor will rotate.  You may not request specific teachers unless you are doing private lessons.  All of our instructors are trained to teach using the "Ready, Set, Swim" method.

5. Swim Tank only gives refunds for medical drop outs.  We do not offer credits, refunds, or make ups for missed classes.  Please read ALL of our policies.


How To Pick A Class Level/Type

Session Calendar​​

    Summer Registration has been shut down

  • Summer registration has been shut down until Monday 6/26