Aqua Tots


Prerequisites for joining this class

  • Must be 7 years or older
  • Must be able to complete 2 laps of Freestyle & Backstroke 
  • Required to tread for 2 minutes in deep water 

A fitness based swim program designed to be personally challenging and FUN!  This will not be a stroke education course.  Instead, instructors will guide your child through a different age and level appropriate swim workouts each week.  We hope to create a positive environment where every child can reap the benefits of exercise and feel the accomplishments of physical activity.

Games and challenges will be incorporated to keep your child engaged and motivated towards improvement.  As in all of our programs, growth mindset will be our core philosophy. By setting personal goals for your children we can show them how practice, dedication, and hard work (effort) can and will produce improvement.  Sometimes the greatest measure of your success is recognizing your own personal growth. 

We will also have a unique opportunity to introduce competition to your child in a non-intimidating way.   We will start by having students compete with themselves, and then have them compete in small groups through games and races.  This competition will teach them how to work together as a team, and how to challenge themselves personally.  It will raise their self-esteem and show them that competition can be fun!